Noora Louhimo Experience


Welcome aboard the magical space bus with NOEX! Noora Louhimo Experience is currently making her first solo album "Eternal wheel of time and space" and decided to finance the production of the album through the help of friends, family and especially fans. By pre-selling the album as a vinyl bundle and digipack bundle, including cool extras (t-shirt & signed thank you card), she hoped to raise enough to guarantee a professional production and make her dream of her own solo album come true. This has now happened! 

The pre-sale was also a commitment to independence - direct interactivity between the artist and the fans, no middlemen, so you see it's possible! 

NOEX will take you on a crazy space journey, where the Milky Way is filled with soulful blues rock with country influences. For the first time ever, Noora will show you the most honest, naked, soft and raw side of herself. She will share her innermost with you, so you can see and hear what made her cry, laugh or rage. With outstanding cover art and graphic design by her beloved big brother Pekka V. Louhimo, she will show you what the world of Noora Louhimo and NOEX is like.

Follow Noora on social media (Instagram: @nooralouhimoofficial) and check out the teasers showing what happened in the studio during the creation process. The album will then be released in February 2021.

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