Crewish: Unemployed Blacksmiths MCD



Peculiar times spawn peculiar ideas, and that`s exactly what our beloved Crew has been up to lately! 
"Crewish - Unemployed Blacksmiths" features their interpretations of five Nightwish songs, everything played, sung and recorded by them, and it`s something guaranteed to put a big smile on your face. 
Our branch of industry has been struck hard by the recent events, and if you wish to support our Crew in a tangible way, please join us and get your copy of this once-in-a-lifetime album now. 
All the profits from this album will go directly to our technicians, the band or the record label will not touch a cent. 
Thanks, and stay safe everybody. 
- Tuomas Holopainen


1. Sleeping Sun 
2. Wish I Had An Angel 
3. Amaranth 
4. Nemo 
5. Elan 
All instruments and vocals by CREWISH. 
Crewish are: 
Kimmo Ahola, FOH 
Aksu Rönkkö, Mon 
Ville Wahlroos, LD 
Tero Kinnunen, Keyboard & ProTools tech 
Lassi Kauppinen, Bass tech 
Jarkko Piipari, Drum tech 
Antti Toivianen, Gtr tech 
Juuso Jaakkola, Video tech 
Markku Aalto, Pyro tech 
Teemu Koivistoinen, Pyro tech 
Jaska Erkinheimo, Stage manager 
Ulrich Weitz, ex-Drum tech