Swallow the Sun: New Moon, Vinyl 2-LP Solar Flare Edition

Tuotenro: 20010


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Mahdolliset toimitustavat: Postikulut Saksansisäisissä Lähetyksissä, Lähetys ja Pakkauskulut EU-Maihin (Pois Lukien Saksa), Postitus Ja Pakkauskulut. Kiinteä Hinta Ei EU Maihin

Gatefold jacket. This is the special Solar Flare version, which comes on colored vinyl that shines in all the colors of the fearsome, radiant sun.

Svart Records’ massive Swallow the Sun reissue campaign begins! We’re doing the band’s entire back catalog on vinyl, from Emerald Forest and The Blackbird backwards. Each edition features a new interview with Juha Raivio and Mikko Kotamäki.

With the previous vinyl edition of New Moon being sold out for years, it is high time for another, improved version. This version comes in a gatefold jacket and, unlike the earlier edition, it is expanded to three sides of vinyl, giving the music more dynamics and room to breathe.


A1 These Woods Breathe Evil 06:43

A2 Falling World 05:08

A3 Sleepless Swans 07:23

B1 …And Heavens Cried Blood 06:17

B2 Lights On The Lake (Horror pt. III) 07:45

B3 New Moon 05:00


C1 Servant Of Sorrow 06:25

C2 Weight Of The Dead 09:04

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