King Company: Queen of Hearts Signed CD Jewelcase

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King Company´s new album is out. now with a  new line up of the band. 

The former singer Pasi was replaced by the Italian-Argentinian Leonard F. Guillan. Pasi  stuck around as a vocal producer and with his irreplaceable help the vocal recordings for the second album were completed in the spring of 2018. In August the band released  their new album QUEEN OF HEARTS. We offer this incredible album signed from all bandmembers! 

1.    Queen Of Hearts
2.    One Day Of Your Life
3.    Stars
4.    Living In A Hurricane
5.    Under The Spell
6.    Never Say Goodbye
7.    Learn To Fly
8.    Berlin
9.    King For Tonight
10.    Living The Dream
11.    Arrival
12.    Good Thing (Bonus Track, only digital!!!)

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