King Company:Signed One For The Road CD Jewelcase

Tuotenro: 0595
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Mahdolliset toimitustavat: Postikulut Saksansisäisissä Lähetyksissä, Lähetys ja Pakkauskulut EU-Maihin (Pois Lukien Saksa), Postitus Ja Pakkauskulut. Kiinteä Hinta Ei EU Maihin

Release Date: 26.08.16

.This CD is signed by all Bandmembers!

The album's title track, "One For The Road", says it all. "Some of us got in this ride back in the '80s and we are still on that same road," says Mirka Rantanen. "It was 1985 we were young and wild and free, We dreamed of playing rock`n roll, and sitting in a black limousine...we still believe!"


1.    One for the road
2.    Shining
3.    In wheels of no return
4.    Coming back to life
5.    No man's land
6.    Farewell
7.    Wings of love
8.    Cast away
9.    Desire
10.    Holding on
11.    One heart

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