Kapanen-Production tuottaa ja myy 100% virallisia ja aitoja bändipaitoja - ja tuotteita. Tuotteet valmistetaan Saksassa. Korkealaatuiset painotuotteet valmistetaan ympäristöystävällisesti ilman ydinvoimaa ja painatuksissa käytetään ainoastaan myrkyttömiä värejä. Viemärikaivoistamme ei raskasmetalleja löydy mutta edustamiemme artistien musiikista sitäkin enemmän!
Please have in mind that the postal route is  a rocky one nowadays because of Covid 19! The usual, and from us so far stated, delivery times are just not to be met. Unfortunately, it is generally difficult to make statements about how long a shipment is on the way. So far, most of our customers have been very patient and for that we as a team would like to thank you expressly and from the bottom of our hearts. Without your understanding we would not have been able to finish the last year so satisfactorily, you are simply the best! Please remain loyal and well-disposed to us - please do not forget, we operate, together with the bands, independently, so a comparison with Amazon delivery times is simply not possible! 
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