Wolfheart: Constellation Of The Black Light LP Black Gatefold

Tuotenro: 0744


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Mahdolliset toimitustavat: Postikulut Saksansisäisissä Lähetyksissä, Lähetys ja Pakkauskulut EU-Maihin (Pois Lukien Saksa), Postitus Ja Pakkauskulut. Kiinteä Hinta Ei EU Maihin

"Determination and perseverance were the key points in the making this album, while conquering obstacle after obstacle during the process of recordings while coldness and beauty of winter were the themes where the music was born. This is definitely a triumph in our career and one of the biggest battles won in my personal career. I could not be more satisfied with the result and with new label and management behind us we are headstrong to stay in the bath of victories"

Tuomas of Wolfheart


1. Everlasting Fall

2. Breakwater

3. The Saw 

4.Forge With Fire 

5. Detender 

6. Warfare 

7. Valkyrie 

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