Magenta Harvest: Apparition Of Ending EP

Magenta Harvest: Apparition Of Ending EP

Tuotenro: 0204
Hinta Sisältää 19% Alv., Ei sis. postituskulut
Mahdolliset toimitustavat: PickupByCustomer, Postikulut Saksansisäisissä Lähetyksissä, Lähetys ja Pakkauskulut EU-Maihin (Pois Lukien Saksa), Postitus Ja Pakkauskulut. Kiinteä Hinta Ei EU Maihin, Festpreis Suisse / Schweiz (Switzerland)

Released in 2012 but there are more reasons to buy it:

"We seem to be living in an era where extreme “technicality” has infiltrated almost all genres of extreme metal. Rapid riffing and picking and barely human drum assaults seem to be a formula of choice employed by many bands to “modernize” their sound, almost regardless of the sub-genre in which they dabble. I’m not complaining, because I happen to enjoy bursts of flash and thrash, but it’s a refreshing change of pace, in a way, to find a newer band who create appealing music without resorting to pyrotechnics, acrobactics, and contortion and rely instead on the ability to write good songs and perform them capably. Magenta Harvest are one such band".  (taken from No Clean


Apparition of Ending

The Unavailling Surpasser

Carrion of Man

One Walks Down

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