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Verjnuarmu was originated in the dark forests of Savo lit by the gloomy light of the black moon. Veiled by the obscurity of the night, Prince of Darkness raised two long lost souls, Musta Savo and Savon Surma, from their graves. These vile creatures evoken from the depths of Hell were forced to toil with gruelling heaviness called Savo metal. The task of Savon Surma was to play bane guitar along with distorted low tunes of bass and the fate of Musta Savo was to beat the skins of war drums. Vocals were taken care of together- Musta Savo wheezing meanly and Savon Surma grunting low-pitched. Thus Verjnuarmu, certainly the only Savo metal band in the world, was born.
   Savon Surma and Musta Savo began to work on their murky tunes under the overseeing eye of the Prince of Darkness. Sky was darkened by black clouds as Verjnuarmu began to play. In the middle of storm and freezing cold, the first song was accomplished. It was named ”Pimmeyvven Ruhtinas” in honour of the Dark Lord. Thus were metal and dialect of Savo bound together in an unholy alliance.
   Years passed by and Verjnuarmu sowed hatred throughout Savonia. Verjnuarmu decided that they needed reinforcements and they turned to Prince of Darkness for guidance. Two of his most notorous assitants were summoned from Hell; Viitakemies to scourge the murder guitar and Woema to hammer the distorted bass. These players brought the much needed diversity to Verjnuarmu without compromising any of the heaviness. And after proving their vile and vicious nature, they were accepted as members of Verjnuarmu.
  The orchestra still lacked lead singer, who would know all the twists and turns of Savo dialect. This matter was to be taken care of as Puijon Perkele was conjured back to the world of living. Puijon Perkele was famous of his tearing voice and vile nature. Musta Savo and Savon Surma immediately decided to add him to their ranks and let him interpret the dark songs of Verjnuarmu with vigor and wrath.
  Thus were Verjnuarmu´s ranks now completed. Prince of Darkness was pleased with his loyal minions and commanded them to spred their dark message with devotion and black hearts. Verjnuarmu was ready to conquer the country...and subsequently the entire world!

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:Lahtooja T-Shirt Black

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