Nightwish: The Islanders Arms T-Shirt

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Good product
von am 15.06.2021
Bon produit, envoi rapide.
Taille bien.

Good fabric, fast shipment.
Size well.
Great quality
von am 11.06.2021
Really happy with the quality of these shirts.
The fabric is a decent weight, construction is tight and the silk-screening is clean and clear, they're really lovely. I love the artistic flair.
They did run a bit small, not drastically so but enough to make me want the next size up.
But I like it enough to buy another in the larger size and give this one to the son in law who is also a Nightwish fan.
von am 31.05.2021
Very Good to where It, Looks Nice On, They Also are a very Nice and helpful company to work with, who go out of there way to help you, and also they are always very polite, Would Use them again, and also recommend to friend
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