Silver Lake By Esa Holopainen: Vinyl,Exclusive Silver Edition Ltd.

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Kundenbewertungen zu Silver Lake By Esa Holopainen: Vinyl,Exclusive Silver Edition Ltd.

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One of the best Albums I ever purchased.
von am 22.06.2021
Having listened to Amorphis and knowing the sheer quality of their work I was intrigued to listen to Silver Lake and listen for similarities and styles. However Esa has taken this to a COSMIC level. I would have to invent a word to describe the sheer excellence & beauty of this compilation. In my opinion it is a MASTERPIECE. I am quite certain that this album, in time, will become a serious collectors item.
I only wish that I poccesed a fraction of the "raw genius" & talent expressed on this classic.
So pleased I bought it and no matter how valuable it becomes I am never parting with it.
Thank You Esa & crew so much.
One of the best albums I ever purchased.
von am 22.06.2021
Great solo album from a great guitarist!
von am 01.06.2021
Great record, great artists. Each song is a separate miracle, captivating and flying you to another world. The soloistic inserts are amazing one by one, the singers were very well selected for the songs. Once again, this album is a big album!
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