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Amorphis: Stream from the North Side Lady Fit
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30th Anniversary Stream From The North Side Lady Fit, beidseitig bedruckt, 100% Baumwolle


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Cool print
von Fan am 21.03.2021
Correction to Igor: The cotton is not see through, but light and soft. I personally prefer that kind to the often starch or stiff even and thick cotton merch out there...
Good quality
von Pauliina am 08.07.2020
Size S fits perfectly (165 cm/54 kg)
fits perfect, good quality
von Tina am 27.06.2020
Not worth the money
von Igor am 19.06.2020
Made of cheapest see-through cotton. I wonder if it survives washing at all. At least I supported the band by buying it
Soft, well-fitting tshirt
von Holmes am 19.06.2020
I struggle to find band tshirts that are small enough as most only offer mens style, which are loose fitting. I usually take a UK size 8 and this lady fit tshirt is perfect in size S, it fits me well. The material is soft and high quality.
Good quality
von Jessica am 19.06.2020
I usually go for men's Small instead of Lady fit shirts because i don't usually like how they fit. But decided to risk it anyway... and i am absolutely in love with this t-shirt! <3 it fits perfectly and the fabric is so soft!!
Absolutely love this shirt! Lovely print, great fit, soft and comfy!!
von Jane am 19.06.2020
Good quality shirt fits really nice and comfortable
von Paula am 18.06.2020