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Neu Hallatar: No Stars Upon The Bridge LP (schwarz)

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2.Raven´s Song 


4.My Mistake (feat. Heike Langhans)


6.Severed Eyes 

7.The Maze 

8.Spiral Gate 

9.Dreams Burn Down (feat. Aleah Starbridge) 

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Neu Trees of Eternity: Hour Of The Nightingale Digi Pak CD

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Trees of Eternity are:
Aleah Starbridge: vocals
Juha Raivio (Swallow The Sun) : guitar
Kai Hahto (Nightwish, Wintersun) : drums
Mattias Norrman (ex-Katatonia, October Tide): bass
Fredrik Norrman (ex-Katatonia, October Tide) : guitar

 1.My Requiem
2.Eye of Night
3.Condemned to Silence (feat. Mick Moss of Antimatter)
4.A Million Tears
5.Hour of the Nightingale
6.The Passage
7.Broken Mirror
8.Black Ocean
9.Sinking Ships
10.Gallows Bird (feat. Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost)

Born out of the partnership of singer-songwriter Aleah Starbridge and guitarist-composer Juha Raivio,
Trees of Eternity began as a quiet acoustic collaboration but then sprouted into a full band, with the Norrman
brothers (ex-Katatonia, October Tide) on stringed instruments and the ubiquitous Kai Hahto on drums.
Three years of work on the group’s debut album were tragically cut short this spring when Aleah passed away during the album’s final post-production phase. The work is now finished, and Svart Records are proud to present it to the world to honor the legacy and artistry of Aleah Starbridge. Cover art is by the incomparable Fursy Teyssier (Les Discrets). Juha and Fursy had long nightly conversations about the ethereal magic of Aleah, and Fursy’s work manages to capture the essence of the album perfectly. “The art contains such power and calm beauty, so many hidden messages. It is mystical in the same way that Aleah always was”, comments Juha Raivio.
“This is a celebration of the music, lyrics and life of Aleah, who so tragically and suddenly crossed the bridge of stars and left this world so young and so early. There really are no words to describe the ultimate weight of the darkness, or the rays of the brightest of light that this album holds within its songs and lyrics. In so many ways this album turned out to be the most important album I’ve done in my life, and we both loved it from the first note to the last as we wrote it.

We were very proud to record “Hour of the Nightingale” together with our friends, band mates and amazing musicians, Kai Hahto, Mattias and Fredrik Norrman who all played their hearts out on this album. And working with another good friend Jens Bogren producing, recording, mixing and mastering the album we’re ready to take this music to the world and play it to you all. Sadly, that never happened… But this is the point where we can finally start this long journey and celebrate our Queen Aleah Starbridge whose words and music will live forever on.”

Juha Raivio

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Hallatar: Aleah Kapuzenjacke

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Kaum ein Kleidungsstück ist emotionaler aufgeladen als dieser Zip Hoodie mit dem Konterfei der verstorbenen Sängerin Aleah Starbridge,.  Schwarzer Hoodie. Hallatar Logo vorne auf der Herzweite, Aleah Konterfei auf der Rückseite. 

Support her legacy!

80% Baumwolle, 20% Polyester. 


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Hallatar: Bandshirt

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Bandshirt mit dem Konterfei der 3 Bandmitglieder 

100% Bauwmolle, Druck nur auf Vorderseite 

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Hallatar: Tourshirt 2018

Hallatar Tourshirt 2018

Swan vorne und hinten die Tourdaten 

100% Baumwolle 

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Hallatar: Albumcover T-Shirt

Schwarzes T-Shirt ,100% Baumwolle, Vorderseite: Albumcover Motiv 


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Hallatar: Aleah Lady Fit

Artikel-Nr.: 0717

Shirt mit dem Portrait der wunderbaren Aleah 

100% Baumwolle 

Druck nur vorne 

Auch als Zip Hoodie erhältlich! 

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