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noex-official-storeNOEX CAMPAIGN 24.07.20 -31.10.2020

Welcome on board to the magic space bus with NOEX! Noora Louhimo Experience is currently making her first soloalbum ”Eternal wheel of time and space” and is determined to fund the production of the album by the help of friends, family and especially fans.

By pre-selling the album in Vinyl-bundle and Digipack-bundle including cool treats (T-shirt & signed thank you-card) she hopes to gather enough for the production so she can pay to the professionals what they deserve and she will get her dream come true.

Everyone who has ordered either of the bundles  before 31th of October 2020 will get their name on the album booklet (Please enter the desired name to the comment section during purchase. The name may consist of maximum of 20 letters) as a thank you for the huge support. Noora thinks it is going to be even more special to make this
album by including fans, family & friends because as she does her music with love and passion that will be shown from the other side too.

This pre-sale is also a statement for independence - Direct interactivity between the artist and a fan, no middle hands.

NOEX will take you on a crazy space trip and the milkyway is filled with soulful bluesrock with country influences. For the first time ever Noora will show you the most honest, naked and soft as well as
raw side of her. She will let you in her head to see and hear what has made her cry, laugh and get pissed off. With outstanding cover art and graphic design her beloved big brother Pekka V. Louhimo will show you what is in the world of Noora Louhimo and NOEX.

Plan is to start the recordings in September and every week you will get little teasers in social media (Instagram: @nooralouhimoofficial) whatcis happening in the studios. The album will be released in February 2021.

Let’s make this album together and help Noora to make her big dream come true - order your bundle now!

You will get your T-shirt and thank you-card delivered in advance so you can already start getting into the NOEX-vibe in September 2020! Vinyl and Digipak will then be shipped in February 2021.

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