The 69 Eyes: Wasting The Dawn, Blood Red Vinyl 2-LP

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Limited blood red vinyl, only 200 copies made.  Gatefold jacket.

Featuring: Ville Valo (HIM) on Backing Vocals and Pre-Production. L.G.Petrov and Alex Hellid (Entombed) on Backing Vocals and Lead Guitar. The Album was Diescribed as GOTH´N´ROLL by the time of its Release in 1999.


A1 Truck On 3:13
A2 Lay Down Your Arms 3:41
A3 Wasting The Dawn 5:21
A4 You Ain’t The Reason 4:11

B1 Lazarus Heart 4:25
B2 Who’s Gonna Pay The Bail? 5:05
B3 All-American Dream 4:22
B4 Be My Speed 4:38

C1 Hand Of God 4:26
C2 Next Stop Paradise 4:26
C3 Starshine 6:52

D1 Lay Down Your Arms (Remix) 3:44
D2 Wasting The Dawn (Remix) 5:26
D3 Next Stop Paradise (Remix) 4:28

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