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Amorphis: Eclipse CD

Product no.: 0569


1. Two Moons

2. House of Sleep

3. Leaves Sear

4. Born from Fire

5. Under a Soil and Black Stone

6. Perkele (The God of Fire)

7. The Smoke

8. Same Flesh

9. Brother Moon

10. Empty Opening

14.99 € *
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Amorphis: Silent Waters CD

Product no.: 0578

Silent Waters 2007

"Silent Waters grows to a set to music   great soul full of happiness, sorrow and pain. A wonderful work, the first huge band milestone since Elegy. "

– Wolf-Rüdiger Mühlmann-


Weaving the Incantation – 4:57
A Servant – 3:55
Silent Waters – 4:49
Towards and Against – 4:59
I of Crimson Blood – 5:05
Her Alone – 6:01
Enigma – 3:34
Shaman – 4:55
The White Swan – 4:49
Black River – 3:45

14.99 € *
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Amorphis: Baby Bib Old Logo

Product no.: 0558

Black Baby Bib with former Amorphis Logo 

100% Cotton, ring-spun
Double layer bib
Rib trim to sides
Tear release fastening at back neck.


12.99 € *
In stock

Amorphis:Skyforger CD

Product no.: 0560

"Skyforger is one of those albums that you have to listen to through its entirety, because without every song lined up in its according fashion, it just sounds like a bunch of great songs. When linked together, though, you find yourself able to immerse yourself in the music, to travel into the realm of the Skyforger himself, to imagine yourself inside the album cover and the grandiose spectacles therein (the cover is amazing, by the way). Amorphis gives you no time to second-guess listening to the album when it kicks things right off the bat with the intro to Sampo, a beautiful piano progression which continues as a main element throughout the rest of the album (the piano, not the progression)." (Encyclopaedia Metallum) 

14.99 € *
In stock

Amorphis: Under The Red Cloud 2.0 T-Shirt

Product no.: 0610

This shirt comes without tourdates on the backside

Frontside print only 

100% Cotton 

17.99 € *

Amorphis: Circle CD Box Set

Product no.: 0623

The limited first pressing of this Finnish masterpiece is housed in a lush box + the CD (with bonus track), a bonus DVD and a poster!

18.99 € *
In stock
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91 - 96 of 96 results